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Is Dexter the One True King?

Dexter tops Game of Thrones

First, I love this photo. So is Dexter the King of movie channel series? The obvious answer is "it depends on who you ask". All these shows have rabid fans and it will still be a long time before any show tops the mother of them all The Sopranos. I don't need a best, I just need these quality shows to continue being produced and it's fantastic that cable channels have created epic series as well.

Dexter Final Season Exclusive Preview Video

The last season of Dexter is just a few months away and shooting has been getting even the camera men excited. So what's going to happen? Who's going to be the final arch enemy? Will Deb become a killing apprentice? Watch the preview and glean what you can.  Oh Boy!

-->   Exclusive Dexter Season 8 Preview  <--

Preview the Season Premiere of The Borgias: Season 3, Episode One April 14

The Borgias takes on a whole new light as the real world is introduced to a new Pope. Season 3, Episode 1 (Hell Bent) sets the stage for more powerful struggles and intrigue. Get a look at what Cesare, Juan and poisonously seductive Lucrezia will be up to in season 3 of The Borgias in this episode 1 preview.

Shameless: Frank's Awesome Rant for Equal Rights

Marriage Equality Rant on Shameless

Frank goes on an awesome and salient rant about equal rights for domestic partnerships to a campaigning mayoral candidate. I really like this version of Frank and hope it holds to the end.The rant clip below is from last weeks episode(9).

Episode 10 is on tonight and has Frank enjoying his newfound celebrity as the face of the gay rights movement but discovers there's even more money to be made (and sex to be had) by switching teams - again.

Fiona's job has brought structure into her life...but of course things fall apart when Jimmy drops a bomb on her.

Waiting for the Final Season of Dexter

Splash...or is it sploosh? Season 8 of Dexter will start on June 30 and that seems far too long to wait for most.  We should be happy that it's not another fall start, but I want, what I want, when I want it!

The Dexter story line has become so twisted that fans everywhere are playing endless guessing games. At Dexterdaily.com, a poll about how many episodes Hanna will return for, had over 600 votes in one day. The mere mention of Deb and blam, conspiracy theories, finger pointing, and Deb-like Tourette's cursing. Holy fuck balls it's awesome!

I literally have 1000's of posts to drop on Dexter, but time is limited and this little site has to be built out first.

Please leave any Dexter related links in the comments.

Don Cheadle Thinks Kristen Bell is a Bad Person

Kristen Bell Bad

Don Cheadle was on Jay Leno last Friday and said Kristen Bell is a bad person! What it boiled down to is that Cheadle is a bad gambler. Never put it all on one bet and expect the winner to give you another shot. Suck it up and be a big boy.

Don lost his $600 weekly per diam on one round of Rochambeau ..Sounds like they have a great time on and off set. Bell and Cheadle would definitely be fun people to hang out with and I'll invite Cheadle to our monthly poker night.

Leno was quick to call Don out on his poor judgement, which prompted an interview walk out! All in good fun of course.